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stelijke kanaal:

21/02/2019 09.15h


Checking in for:

12:00h Departure to Dunkerque

10:35h Departure to Calais

Port status: Freight traffic is free flowing


Checking in for:

14:00h Departure to Dover

Port status: Freight traffic is free flowing.



Checking in for: 

12:25h Departure to Dover

Port status: Freight traffic is busy with buffer in place with approimately 60 minute queues.

Please be reminded that we are operating to our refit schedule with a reduced service operating between Dover <> calais.

Please ask us for the refit schedule 2019 by email,

Also , please be aware that during the refit period we are unable to accept / honour time specific bookings, all vehicles will be allocated on the next available service arrival at the port of departure.



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