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Request a HGV Levy
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    You must purchase an HGV charge before driving a lorry over 12,000kg on a UK motorway or 'A' road. We can arrange this for you. You can reach us via our contact details or via the form below with which you can immediately send all the necessary information.
  • HGV Levy details

  • DD dash MM dash YYYY
  • DD dash MM dash YYYY
  • A day starts at 00:00 (midnight) and ends at 23:59 (just before midnight).
  • Please note (!): we charge an extra service fee, the amount of which depends on the selection. You can request the exact costs from us.
  • Your request will be processed during our office hours, evening shifts and weekend shifts. However, the levy is only active once we have sent you confirmation.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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