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Burger Ferry Agencies provides a direct connection between Dover – Le Boulou v.v. and Bettembourg – Le Boulou v.v. by Europe’s longest rail motorway operator VIIA, a subsidiary of SNCF.

The routes Dover – Le Boulou (via Calais) v.v. and Bettembourg – Le Boulou v.v. are for unaccompanied trailers.

This service is suitable for all types of trailers that have a kingpin connection.

From Dover there are connections with the main ferry services to Calais.

The unaccompanied trailers are using the MODALOHR-loading system (system consists of special wagons with rotating platforms and a platform where trucks themselves can ride up the train) transferred to the train to Le Boulou, near the Spanish border.

Each train is 680 meters long and can carry 40 trailers in 20 wagons. Operator VIIA targets annually transporting approximately 40,000 trailers. VIIA intends to save 40 million truck kilometers per year the next five years and to reduce the CO2 emissions by 50,000 tons.

Using VIIA  has the following advantages:

  • you can lower your fuel consumption
  • Reduce emissions
  • Avoid tolls
  • Avoid weekend driving bans
  • Avoid traffic jams
  • Drivers can fulfill their mandatory rest period in separate travelers wagons.
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